Friday, March 14, 2014

Attractions Along Fifth Avenue

There is no question about it - when you want to satisfy your hunger for shopping, there is no better place to do it than in New York City’s Fifth Avenue. Fifth Avenue is strategically-located in the crossroads of Midtown Manhattan, between 49th Street and 60th Street. It has been nicknamed as the world’s most expensive street. This fact was confirmed by Forbes magazine in 2008 via a survey. On top of bringing New York City visitors, who come to the city in their NYC rented charter buses, a whole host of malls and top class retail outlets, Fifth Avenue is also home to extraordinary museums,businesses and historical landmarks which reflects the city’s rich history and vision of the future.

Strolling and observing along Fifth Avenue

Shopping isn’t the only thing you can do along Fifth Avenue, strolling along and observing the peoplearound the area is great thing to do too. It is, after all, an iconic New York city landmark. Don’t miss the chance to stop by Breakfast at TiffanyCentral ParkNew York Public LibraryRockefeller Centerand other historical attractions while you are there. Take note of the window decorations during festivities because these high end brands hold nothing back in terms of budgeting for window displays. They are sometimes considered works of art.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Famous Parades in New York City

Visiting the Big Apple? Whether it is your first time or upteenth time traveling to New York City, there is always something new and exciting to visit. And what is more exciting than taking part in the festivities of parades? New York City hosts many different parades throughout the year where coach bus visitors can join in whenever they visit the city at that time. Here are some of the most popular parades held at the Big Apple.

New York’s Village Halloween Parade

Every October 31 in New York city is a time to remember. At Greenwich Village in New York City, a holiday parade and street pageant known as the New York’s Village Halloween Parade takes place. This cultural event is full of festivities as more than 50,000 participants in costumes, artists, dancers, circus performances and intricately decorated floats take part in the parade. One of the most fascinating feature of this event is the giant rod puppets that take part in the march. Mini bus rental visitors should not miss this parade as this is the only major night parade held in the country.
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tips for Visiting the Empire State Building

When visiting New York City, one of the most iconic places to visit would be the Empire State Building. Located on the Fifth Avenue in New York, this building can be pretty crowded during peak travel season and on weekends. However there are many tips and tricks to make the most of your visit to the Empire State Building.

One of the ways to avoid long queues at the location is to purchase your tickets online. Visitors from the New York charter bus are encouraged to buy tickets in advance in order to skip the ticket line. There are three lines at the Empire State Observatory; the security line, ticket line and elevator line. Hence, by buying tickets in advance, New York coach bus travellers can at least skip one line.

In the past, visitors can only visit up to the 86th Floor Observatory, but now you can head up to the 102nd Floor Observatory. Although the 102nd floor Observatory is not open air compared to the 86th floor, you can get breath-taking views from there. You are able to see the New York City area bridges and even Central Park makes heading up to the 102nd floor worthwhile. Tickets for the 102nd floor can be bought at the 86th floor so you still can skip the line at the entrance.

The Empire State Building opens at 8 a.m. and the last elevator ascends at 1.15 a.m. which means you can visit it anytime of the day and decide whether you would like to start your day with this visit, or end with it, since it opens before many other attractions and closes later than others. Don’t forget to consider the weather though, when visiting the Empire State Building. It is best that you visit it on clear, dry days.

There are two different times you can choose to visit the Empire State Building – in the day, or at night. The view on both times are just as impressive, but firstly you need to figure out what type of view do you like best. By visiting during the day, you will get to view the city’s geographical layout and the surrounding area in detail. At night, you will enjoy the nightline and the mesmerising lights of New York City. Or, you can catch the best of both worlds by going in the evening to catch the sunset, and watch the sunlight fade as the city glowing lights start to come alive.

Don’t forget to be prepared for the security check as you enter the Empire State Building. Visitors are not allowed to bring in glass and bottles, and while cameras and camcorders are allowed, tripods are not. Since there is no luggage or coat check-ins at the Empire State Building, you have to carry whatever you bring in throughout your visit there.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

P.J. Clarke’s

Perhaps the name P.J. Clarke’s rings a bell but if you have not yet gone to the where it all began, we must say that you have not yet tasted or experienced anything just yet. How about planning a lunch trip to P.J. Clarke’s at where it all began with your friends and if you think it is too troublesome for everyone to drive there for a lunch appointment, chartering a NYC coach would be just the perfect idea. That way, no one has to drive or look for a parking spot. Just have the rented NYC coach drop everyone off right at the doorstep of P.J. Clarke’s – but be sure to tell him to send you to the one at 915 Third Avenue, at 55th Street New York.

The humble beginning of P.J. Clarke’s began when Mr Patrick Joseph Clarke opened the doors of the little brick saloon and until today, it has become a legend. Even though the neighborhood went through a lot of changes, but the bar remained unchanged till this very day. It still has the human leg bones over the door ornament (they say it is for good luck – some kind of an Irish talisman), the broken pay phone and Skippy, the faithful dog that was once the bar’s mascot (but now it is stuffed and mounted by the regulars after he died in an accident – well, at least that’s what we were told). Anyway, to get to P.J. Clarke’s in this part of town, it would definitely be a great idea to charter bus as the area is rather busy most of the time, so you don’t want to waste your time looking for a place to park your car before you can fill up your tummy with its delicious and mouth watering burgers.

If this is your first trip here, you can always ask the servers for suggestions from their menu, or you can be adventurous and pick what you think would best suit your taste bud. They even have a burger that goes by the name Cadillac Burger, which is said to be named by Nat King Cole simply because he called it the “Cadillac of Burgers”. However, we would like to warn you ahead of time that you will have to wait a while at this place because it is almost always busy and packed with hungry customers. However, when your food arrives, you will know that it is worth the wait. Bon app├ętit!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tenement Museum, New York City

Taking your family out for trips are always a wonderful thing and at the same time, you can enjoy some really good quality time together. If you are thinking of bringing your family for a different kind of outing over this weekend, we would suggest that you hire a New York City coach and take all of them to the Tenement Museum at 103 Orchard Street, Lower East Side, New York City and have a quiet and meaningful tour at the Tenement Museum. This will be quite a different kind of museum that you probably have ever taken your family to and it will be one that you and your family members will always remember – because of the uniqueness of the museum.
Arriving at the Tenement Museum in a New York City charter bus, you will soon notice that it is an actual tenement, not some kind of building that was built to house the exhibits of life in a tenement. At the museum, you can choose one out of three types of tours that they offer, or if you like, you can take up all the three tours. An alternative would be that each of your family members (that is, if you have three or more on the trip) take on different tours and then share your experiences after you finish the tours. That way, it makes the trip more fun and exciting, right?
From walking around the museum and seeing the exhibits on display that tells you of the lives of the immigrants who lived there to exploring how it was for them to earn a living and staying in the tenement to meeting guides who are dressed up as one of the immigrants and telling you stories of how life is for them – there is something interesting for everyone to learn and watch as you tour the Tenement Museum. New York City charter bus passengers will enjoy the tours offered at the Tenement Museum – simply because the guides are well trained, very knowledgeable and filled with excitement as they share with you the history and the stories of the life of the immigrants there that you can literally “feel” their passion. If you are visiting the museum any time during summer, it is best to dress lightly and if you have a handheld portable fan do bring it along as the museum is not air conditioned, hence it can get quite hot inside while you are touring the place.
And if you get thirsty and hungry after the tours at the Tenement Museum, you can always hop on back to your New York City bus and ask the bus driver to bring you and your family to the nearest restaurant. They do have quite some good choices of restaurants for you to enjoy a good meal after an enjoyable time at the museum.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Here Comes the King!

Every good movie/animation should have a musical - and yes, especially one as great and memorable as the Lion King. When one is in New York City, one should never miss out on checking out one of the favorite musicals in town - The Lion King. It is surely one of the ever popular musicals that is suitable for all ages - from the young to the old! To make it even more convenient for musical goers, there are NYC coach buses that are available for rent that you can make use of - in order to save time on driving and the hassle of looking for a parking spot.
The Lion King is touted to be a very lively and interesting broadway show where the background and animation mimic is so real - almost “live like”. Many has said that even if you know the story of The Lion King backwards, just the amazingly elaborate costumes for this musical makes the show worth watching.
For the uninitiated, The Lion King tells of a story of ruling and betray within a pride of lions. Mufasa - a brave and wise king of the Pride Lands was tricked into rescuing his son, Simba, from danger and was killed by his brother, Scar, who couldn’t wait to be the next king of Pride Lands. Innocent and young, Simba didn’t know what to do when he wrongly thought that he had gotten his own father killed and ran away only to return to the Pride Lands later as an adult lion. His return to the Pride Lands caused a battle between himself and his cunning and evil uncle, Scar. Of course, it goes without saying, Simba won and became the rightful king of Pride Lands.
Just like in the movie, you will be entertained with songs such as “Circle of Life”, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, but the most unforgettable and all time favorite song would be “Hakuna Matata” due to its simple yet funny lyrics. The casts of the Lion King carry their characters very well and the choreography is simply fantastic - giving you one of the best musical performance ever! The whole musical takes you on a journey of imagination and many wonderful memories of the movie itself. Even if you have never watched the movie before, you will be mesmerised with the colourful, tribal costumes of each character.
So, what are you waiting for? Come on over to New York City, hop on a rented coach or bus and experience a beautiful and touching musical on love, courage and destiny in The Lion King!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Around Albany in a Coach Bus

Albany's role as the seat of power in New York state goes back to its founding as a Dutch trading post in 1614. While not the Empire State's most populous city, Albany is the state's capital and headquarters of state government. The city's significance does not end with politics, however. It is the oldest remaining European settlement from the original 13 Colonies. The Shakers, a British Protestant movement, settled in the Albany area during the 18th century. It is also the terminus of the Erie Canal, allowing people and cargo to move by water from Buffalo to Albany and south to New York City on the Hudson River. Coach bus visitors to the Capital District will find a mix of historic pride and modern discovery when they travel through the city with a bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus hired from Coach Bus New York.
Operated by the state's education department, the New York State Museum is chartered as a research institution and exhibition hall. Researchers focus on the study of anthropology, biology and state history, while the museum space showcases art, natural history and hands-on science exhibits relevant to New York. Coach bus visitors can view photographs, paintings and sculptures created by New York artists which are on display, as are minerals and fossils found in the state. The museum preserves the state's cultural history through exhibits of Native American art and crafts, modern architecture and the evolution of New Yorkers’ lifestyles.
Destroyer Escort boats were used in World War II to fight Nazi U-Boats and defend fleets from Japanese Kamikaze fighters. The only remaining escort boat, the USS Slater, is docked at the end of Madison Avenue, adjacent to Broadway, and functions as a museum. Open seasonally from April to November, the boat hosts 60-minute guided tours for coach bus visitors Wednesday through Sunday, as well as youth group sleepovers and school field trips.
This is Albany's version of the Boston Duck Tours. Albany Aqua Ducks offers New York City coach bus visitors tours of Albany's historic sites by land and water, using amphibious vehicles, which can travel both the streets of the state capital and the Hudson River. The 90-minute tour boards at Quackenbush Square and travels throughout the city, passing the Capitol building, Empire State Plaza, Governor's Mansion and the 18th-century row houses, before plunging into the Hudson for a river view of Albany.
Tours of the State Capitol building are offered Monday through Saturday from the visitor's center on the Empire State Plaza concourse. Five daily and three Saturday tours are led through the Capitol, which was constructed in the 1880s. The free tours last 60 minutes and coach bu guests must clear security to enter the Capitol building. Self-guided audio tours are also available.
Visiting Albany, New York, for business or pleasure is easy with a coach bus from Coach Bus New York. Their fleet of fully equipped coach buses will fulfill every type of group travel transport requirement. Give Coach Bus New York a call today and take advantage of their friendly service.